Rabbits 101

Domestic rabbits come in a variety of sizes ranging from Dwarf to Giant. Their lifespan is about 8-12 years. Male rabbits are called Bucks, female rabbits are called does, and baby rabbits are called Kits or Kittens.

Rabbits are very intelligent and can be easily litter box trained, taught simple tricks and can even be taught to maneuver an obstacle course using the same training method used with dogs.

Rabbits each have distinct personalities and can bond closely with their owners when they are given the proper time and attention.  They are as playful and loving as dogs and cats but also have distinct and specific needs.

In the right situation, rabbits can make wonderful companions. Unfortunately, many people buy rabbits on impulse (generally around Easter) and then relegate them to a small cage where they lose interest in them within days, fail to clean their cage often enough and give them minimal attention. These owners never experience the true joy in having a rabbit as a pet because they never take the time to develop a relationship with their rabbit or provide them with the daily interaction, exercise and care they deserve.

Beauty, Butterscotch, Bunny

Our outdoor rabbit enclosure is home to Beauty, Butterscotch & Bunny.  They are our female mixed breed shorthaired rabbits.  They are bonded from 3 different litters born within days of each other.  While rabbits prefer to be in the company of other rabbits, it is generally harder to pair them up later in life. For that reason we recommend having at least two rabbits if possible.

Outdoor rabbit enclosures (that are predator proof and provide shelter from heat and rain) can be wonderful housing for rabbits that can tolerate outdoor temperatures.  Many owners prefer outdoor enclosures because they are easier to clean and provide a safe place to play with your rabbit and provide exercise and natural enrichment.  At Weisberg Stables we bring our bunnies in during high or low temperatures and use their outdoor enclosure for playtime and enrichment.