Matilda is a 2-year old female Black Tailed Hairy Dwarf porcupine.  She is one of only a few of her species in the United States. Black Tailed Hairy Dwarf porcupines are currently only privately owned and are not being displayed at major zoos.

Matilda’s favorite treat is peanuts.  She is so shy that she does not accept food from our hand. She is most active in the evening.

More About Porcupines

The black tailed hairy dwarf porcupine is a South American porcupine species from the family Erethizontidae.  It is found in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, and Venezuela.

Hairy dwarf porcupines are an arboreal species of porcupine that are relatively docile and slow animals.  They are not commonly found on exhibition in the United States and Weisberg Stables is pleased to be one of the few facilities that are currently exhibiting them.


The average lifespan of a black tailed hairy dwarf porcupine is believed to be 11-12 years.

Matilda’s diet in captivity consists of: Leafeater biscuits, sunflower seeds, rodent block, root vegetables, peanuts, yucca, sweet potato, and squash.