Our Farm Fresh Eggs

Three Sisters Farm Fresh Eggs is the small business of Ava Rose, Reagan and Sienna. Three sisters with a love of chickens and their gorgeous rainbow colored eggs.

When you buy eggs from Mandalay Farms you provide the 3 sisters with an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, which their father loves, and an opportunity to earn their own money, since we don’t believe in giving children an allowance.

But most of all, you get delicious farm fresh eggs from an NPIP rated facility.  If you haven’t had a farm fresh egg, you really don’t know what you’re missing.


Chicken Eggs $6 per dozen $20 / 4 dozen
Turkey Eggs $4.50 per half dozen

How To Purchase

1. Pre-Purchase eggs online.
To ensure availability we ask that you reserve your eggs at least 2 days in advance.

2. Schedule your pick-up.
Eggs can be picked up from our farm on Thursday, Friday or Saturday between Noon and 4PM only. No exceptions.

Fresh Eggs for Sale

For sales inquiries, please contact us.