Animal Keeper Internship

Mandalay Farms offers a unique internship program for undergraduate/graduate students with an interest in Zoology, Animal Behavior and Training,   Animal Assisted Activities (AAA), or Animal Assisted Education (AAE).

The program gives participants a unique opportunity to work with a variety of domestic and exotic animals and participate in daily care, training, Animal based education and Animal Assisted Activities.

Mandalay Farms is a member of the Farm Based Education AssociationAmerican Association of Zookeepers, International Association of Human-Animal Interaction organizations and is licensed with USDA and  Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Our facility offers qualified interns a unique opportunity to work hands-on with a variety of equines, domestic farm animals and exotics in a unique and fulfilling way.  We practice conservation through education and believe in the life changing impact that animals can have on humans.  We consider it a privilege to be able to work with these amazing animals and share that passion with others.

Please be aware that the animal keeper position is a physically and mentally demanding position. Participants must be physically able to work up to 10 hour shifts, spend  extended periods of time walking, bending, lifting or standing, lift up to 50 pounds, work with power tools and spend the majority of their day outdoors in varied temperatures.

Internship job duties include:

– Detailed cleaning of enclosures, animal housing, feed/water bowls and food preparation/storage area

– Record keeping of daily activities, animal nutrition, observances and training programs

– Diet preparation and distribution

– Monitor and maintain animal health

– Operant conditioning training

– Complete an independent project on either animal enrichment, enclosure design or a simple behavior to train using operant conditioning.

– Create and execute enrichment plans for various species

– Educational tours and presentations

-Assist with camps, classes or outreach activities

-Participate in facilitating an animal assisted activity

Application Process

1. Download, print and read the Animal Keeper Internship Packet before beginning the online application process. Animal Keeper Internships are 12-18 week internships  and are ideally suited for recent graduates or students entering their last year of study.

Please note the application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and you will need to upload resume and letters of recommendation( should you have them) as well as provide contact information for 3 references (personal, professional and academic).

2. Prior to beginning the online application, please review the session dates and deadlines to determine which dates work best for you. Applicants must be able to fulfill both the weekly hourly commitment and the number of weeks required for the internship.

3. Upon receipt of your application, your application will be reviewed and a phone or Skype interview will be scheduled. One Intern will be offered an internship position per session. Any interns who are not selected will be immediately notified so that they can continue applying for other internships.