Breeders of AMHA & AMHR Registered horses

Mandalay Farms breeds AMHA and AMHR registered miniature horses for showing, driving, obstacles in hand and therapy work. The personality and temperament of our mares and stallion is not overlooked in our breeding program and is just as important to us as conformation and health.

About Our Foals

Our foals are properly imprinted immediately following birth and are handled and groomed twice daily by multiple people. They are exposed to various surfaces and a wide variety of other farm animals within their first 8 weeks of life. We believe this makes for a well adjusted horse who leaves our farm halter trained, walking on a lead, picking up feet for cleaning, and used to grooming and touching of face/ears. Because of the amount of time we spend with our horses we know their personalities and likes/dislikes and are happy to share them with you to ensure a good match. Our foals are generally weaned between 5 and 8 months of age and are not available to leave for their new home until at least two weeks after weaning.

About Our Stallion

First Knights Once in a Lifetime

2006 Stallion | AMHR & AMHA Registered

Sire: First Knight’s Bit O Hot Shot (34″)

Dam: Runnin Bares Sheza Doozie (34″)

Foaled: 06/27/2006 Height: 33″

Show Record:
2007 AMHA World Champion AOTE Stallion
2007 AMHA World Reserve Futurity AOTE Stallion
2007 AMHA World Amatuer Junior Stallion Level 2 Top Ten

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About Our Mares

Our broodmares are registered miniature horses from desirable bloodlines;  many have impressive show records of their own.  We take particular pride in the temperament and dispositions of both our broodmare herd and stallion. Our focus is on breeding quality healthy miniature horses that can be used for driving, obstacles in hand, therapy work and youth showing.

Designer Flowers for Idol Show Record

AMHR Mare Senior Champion

AMHA World 2016 | 6th place| Senior Mares over 32-34″

AMHA Eastern Regional Grand Champion 2016

Walden Hill Bianca Bay

2003 mare | AMHR & AMHA Registered

Sire: LM Hawks Blue Bandolero (32.25″)

Dam: Fallen Ash Farms Roses are Blue (31.75″)

Foaled: 06/03/2003 Height: 34”


K Nells Baywatch

2005 mare | AMHR & AMHA Registered

Sire: Grosshill Egyptian Kings Checkmate (32.00″)

Dam: K Nells Dazzler After Dark (31.00″)

Foaled: 03/21/2005 Height: 33”


JHK Marios Sunday Class

2008 mare | AMHR Registered

Sire: Establo Mario (38″)

Dam: JK Mary (35″)

Foaled: 08/31/2008 Height: 37.50”


Designer Flowers for Idol

2011 Mare | AMHR & AMHA Registered

Sire: LM Idols Hennessey Hawk (33.75”)

Dam: LR Seminoles Little Magnolia (34.00”)

Foaled: 2/24/2011

Why Purchase Through Mandalay Farms?

As a horse owner and mother I know how difficult it can be to purchase your first horse. Our business practices are based upon honesty and integrity. All potential buyers are provided with a full copy of vet and vaccination records for the horse(s) they purchase, a Florida bill of sale, registration transfer papers (if applicable), and current Coggins. Potential buyers are welcome to have pre-purchase exams by the vet of their choice at our facility. A non-refundable 20% cash deposit is required to hold the horse for 2 business days.