Picasso is our curl-crested male aracari.

More About Aracaris

The curl-crested aracari is among the largest in the aracari family.  They are most recognizable from other species of aracari by their unusual head feathers which resemble glossy curled ribbon with a texture similar to plastic.  The curl-crested aracari is without a doubt one of the most colorful species of toucans.  With a larger than life personality these birds are notable for their curious, playful and inquisitive personalities which have made them a popular pet.

Life expectancy for captive bred curl-crested aracaris is 18 years. Life expectancy in the wild is unknown.

Aracaris are inquisitive and playful birds that can be taught multiple behaviors.

In the wild these social birds live in groups of 3-10 birds. In captivity the birds are most commonly kept in pairs if used for breeding purposes.  Single birds can be kept successfully in captivity provided they are interacted with on a regular basis as they are very social birds.

Curl-crested aracaris have a variety of vocalizations they use, however, they are not known to be loud birds.

Pigs have poor eye-sight but extremely keen sense of smell. It has been reported that pigs can even smell something 25 feet underground! In addition to their excellent sense of smell pigs also have excellent hearing.

Picasso’s diet at Mandalay Farms primarily consists of: Papaya, blueberries and a soft-bill low iron pellet.  He is occasionally given cantaloupe, raspberries and banana.

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