Mandalay Farms and founder Karin Taylor,

have been featured in the following print publications.

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The Former Runaway Model & Actress Behind Jupiter's Mandalay Farms

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How This Philanthropist Started An Equestrian Therapy Program For At-Risk Youth

The Wall Street Journal

Haute Home Schools Designed to Give Kids a Bespoke Education

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Karin Taylor Of Mandalay Farms: Second Chapters; How I Reinvented Myself In The Second Chapter Of My Life

The Boca Raton Observer logo

Horsing Around

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Karin Taylor, La Filantropa Della Florida

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Karin Taylor: Farm Life, Healing, and Philanthropy

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The Extraordinary Backstory of Model, Activist, and Philanthropist, Karin Taylor

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Animal Rescuer & Mom, Karin Taylor Provides Oasis For Children In Need

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Learning To Heal With Horses

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The Weisberg Family Foundation

Florida Beauty Problems

Philanthropist Karin Taylor Talks Horses, Helping Others + Why Humidity Is Not Her Friend

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Weisberg Stables provides oasis for at-risk kids