“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Horses are wholesome, healing and captivating.

No matter the breed there is something magical about horses. Weisberg Stables is home to a variety of horses including the Quarter Horse, Welsh Pony, Mustang, and Appaloosa.

Our Horses


Charlie is a spunky 13 year old Welsh Pony who has never passed a blade of grass that he wasn’t tempted to taste. He is kind and truly adores children which makes him a great pony to learn to walk, trot and canter on.


Ten year old Tex’s outgoing personality usually makes him a barn favorite. He is full of personality and has never met a person he doesn’t like. Tex has been a trail horse, ranch horse, and even a barrel horse but a developmental defect in his stifle kept him bouncing from barn to barn and job to job when he’d injure himself trying to do what his owners wanted him to. Like a true ranch Quarter Horse, Tex enjoys having a job and getting out every day. He seems pretty happy with his new job as a trail riding horse and Equine Assisted Learning teacher.


Nine year old Teddy is the second BLM Mustang to win our hearts. Teddy was gathered from Salt Wells Creek, Wymoning and competed in the 2016 Extreme Mustang Makeover in Forth Worth with trainer, Katie Ketterhagen, where he won the title of Grand Champion and also Fan Favorite. Teddy was given his name because of his “Teddy Bear” like ears that are the result of getting frost bite from the harsh winters in Wyoming. Teddy is naturally drawn towards people which makes him an incredible horse to train at liberty and utilize in our Equine Assisted Learning program.


Cloud-9 is our 19-year old large pony Appaloosa. He came to us with his ribs showing and a questionable background but we could not turn him away due to his incredibly kind personality and something we saw in his eyes. The first few weeks he was with us Cloud-9 certainly gave us a run for our money, literally, as he was near impossible to bring in from the paddocks. With time and many treats we were able to win him over and while he may not come running to greet us at the gate, at least he no longer runs away when we go to halter him. Cloud-9 is a hit at birthday parties, has proven to be an exceptional mount for horse yoga, is a kind lesson horse and is the perfect addition to our EAL program. We hope to have him with us for many years.


Oliver is a 12 year old Paint Pony who is the perfect all around pony for a child. He has been a major confidence booster for our oldest daughter. Oliver loves obstacles, arena work, jumping and water. He rides English, Western, bareback and doubles.  Oliver is consistent and kind which also makes him a great addition to our EAL program.


Ten year old Ford is a BLM Mustang from Salt Wells, Wyoming. He competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth in 2015 where he won Fan Favorite and came in 4th place. Ford has a quiet observant personality. It was one of the first things that drew his owner to him but he is also very versatile and a lot of fun to ride.  Ford has been trained in obstacles, tricks, liberty, driving and reigning. He is a fun all around horse and is also a member of the EAL team.


Dancer is a 11-year old 11.3 hand Welsh Palomino Mare who gets her name because she looks exactly like Barbie’s horse by the same name. She is the pride and joy of our middle daughter and has given her a lot of confidence as a budding equestrian. She is always the first to whinny when she sees her friends, comes running to you in the paddock and has large beautiful eyes that you could stare into for days. Dancer is popular with little girls and a joy to have in our EAL program.


LoneStar is a 6-year old grey gelding gathered from the Owyhee herd in Nevada on November 25, 2016. He competed in the 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth and was trained by Stacie Zimmerman. LoneStar is an honest horse who likes to think things through. He’s always willing to try new things and though he is initially shy, he is starting to let his true personality show. LoneStar gets along well with others but is equally confident alone. LoneStar rides English and Western and is currently in continued training. He has recently shown his preference for neck and wither scratches. Give him a scratch if you have a couple hours to spare!