Breeders of AMHA & AMHR Registered horses

Mandalay Farms breeds AMHA and AMHR registered miniature horses for showing, driving, obstacles in hand and therapy work. The personality and temperament of our mares and stallion is not overlooked in our breeding program and is just as important to us as conformation and health.

Available Miniature Horses

We wean our horses generally at 6 months and will post them when they are available.  In the meantime, horses previously held back from earlier breedings are in training and will be listed when their training is complete.  We specialize in miniature horses bred for driving and equine assisted therapies.

Bling’s Star in the Skye

2016 Filly

Sire: First Knight’s Once in a Lifetime (33.5″)

Dam: Hunt House Farms Lady Starbuck (33″)

Foaled: 03/09/2016

Height: 30″


MS Usher in the Gold

2014 Gelding

Sire: TLMF Getter’s Little Man-NEHI

Dam: Starbucks Golden Opportunity (36.50″)

Foaled: 04/15/2015

Height: 32″

MES First Knight’s Music Man

2014 Gelding

Sire: First Knight’s Once in a Lifetime (33″)

Dam: Grosshill Boogerman’s Music Box (30″)

Foaled: 3/13/2014

Height: 34″

Friday not Sunday

2016 Filly

Sire: Caldwell’s Son of a King

Dam: JHK Mario’s Sunday Class (37.50″)

Foaled: 08/20/2016

Height: 28″

Grosshill Ovations Restless Wind

1996 Mare

Sire: NFC Rowdy’s standing ovation (33″)

Dam: Fykes Little Bay Duchess (28″)

Foaled: 05/15/1996

Height: 32.50″

Aloha Acres Laced with Neon

2016 Filly

Sire: Buckeye WCF Neon Rainbow (32″)

Dam: Grosshill Ovations Restless Wind (32.500″)

Foaled: 02/20/2016

Height: 30″

Other Available Horses

Retired Broodmares and Mature horses are sold trained to do a job whether that be obstacles in hand, liberty, trick training, broke to ride or green broke to drive. Generally these horses are trained in a program anywhere from 6 -14 months. If you are interested in a horse that is trained to do a specific job please ask us, we may have a horse in training that is not yet listed.

Our Retired Broodmares have wonderful dispositions and have been exposed to regular interaction with children both on our farm and through our philanthropic programs. Retired brood mares can make wonderful companion horses, therapy horses or friendly pasture pets.  From time to time we do have a retired broodmare with a show history and experience driving.

Why Purchase Through Mandalay Farms?

As a horse owner and mother I know how difficult it can be to purchase your first horse. Our business practices are based upon honesty and integrity. All potential buyers are provided with a full copy of vet and vaccination records for the horse(s) they purchase, a Florida bill of sale, registration transfer papers (if applicable), and current Coggins. Potential buyers are welcome to have pre-purchase exams by the vet of their choice at our facility. A non-refundable 20% cash deposit is required to hold the horse for 5 business days.