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March is National Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month. The event began in 2002 when the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) declared the month devoted to raising awareness about guinea pigs in shelters and about pet cavies in general.   At  Weisberg Stables we like to use it as a way  to educate others on the benefits of adopting guinea pigs as pets and celebrate the stories of Sable, Opal, Penny and Grayson, our four female rescued ambassador Guinea Pigs.

Guinea Pig Adoption

Guinea Pig Adoption

Through no fault of their own these four girls were taken to Wild Cargo Pets in West Palm Beach when their previous owners decided they didn’t want them anymore.  Sable was the oldest, had been previously bred several times and was overweight.  Grayson was the youngest and arrived with lice.  Opal was the most curious and interested in people.  Penny was a little shy but was otherwise calm when held.  Because all four were friendly and did not get anxious when being held, we knew they would be wonderful additions to our family and farm.

Before adopting any animal it is important that you do your research and make sure that you are able to give them the housing, care and attention they will require.  After you’ve determined that you can meet their physical needs, you should think about which personality traits will make your pet the most compatible with you, your lifestyle and home.  One of the advantages of adopting an older guinea pig is that their personality and temperament is known and in most cases they have already been handled and desensitized to most things.

While guinea pigs are not recommended for very young children, they can make amazing first time pets for children ages 8-12. 

Guinea Pigs are highly social animals that do not do well as single guinea pig pets.  If you are a first-time guinea pig owner you should adopt at least two same sex guinea pigs.

Boars vs Sows

Boars are male guinea pigs and sows are female guinea pigs.  While most guinea pig owners unanimously agree that same sex herds are best, choosing boars over sows is largely a matter of personal preference and individual guinea pig temperament.  With that said, it is important to note that boars do require additional care in the form of boar cleanings that sows do not.

Where to adopt locally

We adopted our guinea pigs from Wild Cargo Pets in West Palm Beach.

Crazy Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue provides a safe haven for South Florida guinea pigs.  They are recently moving to a new location where they will offer guinea pig supplies, boarding and guinea pig adoption.


Guinea Pig Resources

Guinea Pig Today is an online resource for cavies.

Guinea Pig cages is a wonderful resource for custom guinea pig cages and bedding.

Read this Guinea Pig Safe Food list before feeding your cavies.

Piggy Bed Spreads offers washable fleece bedding that is popular with many experienced guinea pig owners.