National Rabbit Adoption Month: 4 Reasons why you should adopt a rabbit

Rabbit adoption

February is National Rabbit Adoption Month and it’s not too late to help give a very special bunny a home.

At Weisberg Stables we are passionate about encouraging rabbit adoption.  Our rabbit ambassadors, Beauty, Bunny, Butterscotch and Smokey (pictured above) have all been adopted.

Benefits of choosing adoption include:

  1. Personality profile and temperament is already known.  Living creatures all have different personalities, preferences and behaviors depending on how they have been socialized, or because of their lack of socialization or neglect.  In the case of our female rabbits we had the benefit of knowing they could live together in the same enclosure.  Introducing a new rabbit is not always a positive or successful endeavor. Smokey won us over with his incredible personality and desire to be in someone’s lap which made him the perfect therapy rabbit for our program, and special friend for our girls.
  2. Opportunity to save a life and give a rabbit a safe home.  When you choose to rescue a rabbit you are literally saving a life.  Many rabbits are dumped at parks, let loose in backyards, or delivered to already overcrowded shelters.  A lucky few make it to rabbit rescues, however these are often overcrowded as well.  Adopting a rabbit does not mean that your only option is to adopt an older rabbit. Each of our rabbits were less than months at time of adoption.
  3. Rabbits are already spayed/neutered and/or sexed.  Depending on their age, rabbits can be difficult to sex.  Rabbits that are placed for adoption in shelters or rescues have already been sexed by a knowledgeable person or vet and are often also spayed or neutered.
  4. You help unburden shelters or rescues and save another life.  When you remove one animal from a shelter you make room for at least one other animal needing a home, essentially saving two or more lives!  Plus, if you share your positive experience with your pet you help spread the word and encourage others to do the same—giving more homes to animals in need.


Local Resources for Rabbit Adoption:

Our favorite local resource for rescuing rabbits is, Wild Cargo Pets in West Palm Beach.  You will most likely need to spay/neuter your rabbit but the staff spends time with the rabbits and can help you find the perfect personality for your family or situation.  Same sex rabbits that are able to coexist are often housed together so you also have an opportunity to adopt more than one if you choose.

Broward Humane Society has rabbits (and other small animals) available for adoption listed on their website. Due to overcrowding at the time of this post they were offering an adopt one get another pet free.

Rabbit Rescue Florida is a website where people can post rabbits that are available for adoption. Some post are from formal rescues and others are from individuals assisting in the placement of rabbits they are fostering or can no longer care for themselves.

Education Opportunities:

Learn the Bunny Basics class offered at the Humane Society of Broward County on March 17, 2018 from 10:30-11:30AM.  No fee, but Registration is required.

Bunny Snip is a resource to find low cost spay or neuter options for your new rabbit(s).

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