Kids & Chickens

When we started raising chickens I thought it would be a good homeschool project that would also supply our family with eggs.  It has certainly turned into much more.  Our three daughters (3 Sisters Farm Fresh Eggs) are passionate about their chickens.  They enjoy caring for them, collecting, selling and incubating eggs; raising chicks and assisting with farm tours.

Raising chickens has taught our children:

Responsibility.  In Rain, Shine or Summer Heat.

Basic Backyard Chicken Keeping.  They have an appreciation for where eggs come from and what is involved in maintaining a healthy flock.

Circle of life.  They have experienced both the joy of new life and the sadness in the loss of life.

If you are considering raising a backyard flock with your children we recommend these books:

A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens: Best breeds Creating a home, care and handling, outdoor fun, crafts and treats.

The Chicken Health Handbook:  A Complete guide to maximizing flock health and dealing with disease.

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